CTIZNEWS MISSION : Together we show the world, what really  happens at local area, a news & events video channel of the people, by the people, for the people.


Citizen News & Citizen Journalists promotes ” Citizens Reporting Without Fear or Favor”. Just think there are 2.5 billion smart phones in the world, way more than news channels, newspapers or tv/media reporters & journalists. This provides a perfect opportunity for citizens to take control and remove all fake news and media biases by reporting true news of the people, by the people, for the people. Voice your concerns, issues, and problems on local level and record /share it out for everyone to see.


camera-icon-210x192With CTIZNCAM App widget, anyone can record & upload video of local events to internet with ONE CLICK and share to other social media / social messengers.

Record & Share Videos like :

– Local incidents / suspicious activity
– Local weather (rain/flood/cyclone)
– Local traffic (jams & accidents)
– Local corruption & politics
– Local cultural events, and college and university events.

Working together we can remove all bias by media outlets , creating a true video news & events channel at local level.

Watching videos in and around your locality is easy too, just search your locality address or pinch to zoom into your area and see all the recorded videos in your local area. Easy share button helps share the video to others on social media & social messenger with a simple click.

What are you waiting for, download the CTIZNEWS App from Google Play store and start taking videos.

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I love CTIZNEWS app, as it provides me with local video news and extraordinary insight into the area’s culture, interests and just plain weirdness. And that’s way more interesting than the national news telling us about the latest ridiculous things.

CTIZNEWS app is simple to use easy to share videos to other instant messenger and social media apps without need to re-uploading the video to each social media app.




It was easy to start recording and uploading videos using CTIZNCAM . Becoming the Citizen journalist and updating the world about local issues and events had a really great impact to my life and to people and society, we live in.

I am thankful to CTIZNEWS to provide us with a great platform to share local news and events.